Historic Photos

Every day historic photos are lost due to natural disasters, wars, house cleaning and neglect. Golden Landmarks Association can’t save all the historic photos but we can, and do, focus on historic preservation as one of our primary efforts.

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Golden Landmarks Association (GLA) works to preserve historic photos and photographic collections with direct historic significance to the City of Golden, areas surrounding Golden, and the State of Colorado. GLA also works to restore and identify historic photos when possible so that future generations may continue to learn about and enjoy Golden’s and Colorado’s rich histories.

Photographic Collections
Two of our photographic collections are the Richard A. Ronzio collection and the Pete Morrison colllection.

  • The Richard A. Ronzio collection is a stunning selection of black and white photographs from Golden, Colorado and the surrounding area taken in the early 1900’s. The photos range from landscapes to cityscapes to people and places.
  • The Pete Morrison collection is a series of beautiful hand-colored images. The collection contains images from many of the movies Pete Morrison appeared in over his career in Hollywood in the early to mid-1900’s.

These collections are available for public viewing and images may be purchased in any size directly from Golden Landmarks Association.

For more information about our historic collections or to purchase, contact Golden Landmarks Association at 303-279-1236 or via email at [email protected].