Preservation. Projects. Perseverance.

GLA’s educational and preservation projects raise the public’s awareness of Golden’s unique history. Our efforts include:

  • Preservation of historic photographs and artifacts of the Golden area including the Richard Ronzio and Pete Morrison collections
  • Restoration and preservation of architecturally significant structures such as the Clear Creek History Park, the Brickyard House, the East Street Historic District, Burgess House and many more.
  • Honoring Living Landmarks, people or organizations, who have made significant contributions to the Golden community. We honor them at our annual Living Landmarks Dinner.
  • Working with other historic preservation organizations including those in the City of Golden, Jefferson County, the Greater Denver Metro area and the State of Colorado.

Brickyard House
Built at the dawn of the 20th Century, the Brickyard House served as company housing for the Golden Pressed & Fire Brick Works, established in 1890 by brothers John B. and William Church, who were among the most prominent industrialists and philanthropists in Colorado. Learn more

Other Projects
Golden Landmarks association is working in conjunction with local residents and other historic preservation organizations on a range of projects. GLA invites you to learn more or contribute. You can:

  • Volunteer to help out
  • Recommend a new project
  • Provide knowledge on history

For more information about any of Golden Landmarks Associations’ current or past projects, contact us at [email protected] or by calling 303-278-1236.