GLA’s current focus is on the preservation and restoration of the Brickyard House and the Pete Morrison photographic collection.

Happy 50th anniversary to the Golden Landmarks Association!

Valentines Day is an auspicious day for new beginnings and old loves, and on February 14, 1972 both came together when the Golden Landmarks Association was officially organized by citizens of the Golden community.

With roots dating to 1971, this group of concerned people of Golden, alarmed over the increasing demise of places cherished in Golden’s heritage, incorporated Colorado’s second nonprofit historic preservation group (after Historic Denver) in their bid to save the endangered Astor House hotel at 822 12th Street downtown. The old stone landmark had sheltered many since pioneer Seth Lake built it in 1867, but it now stood in jeopardy of becoming a parking lot as other landmarks had become before it. With great energy, dedication and resolve the people of Golden Landmarks convinced a divided City Council to let the public decide this issue, and on June 13, 1972 69% of Golden’s voters voted to save it. Afterward GLA restored the building, collected artifacts and turned it into the Astor House Museum, which it continued to run for 25 years.

Since its creation Golden Landmarks has also worked to save other area landmarks and historical artifacts. GLA has also saved or helped save the historic Burgess House hotel (1015 Ford Street), the Pearce and Reynolds cabins and Guy Hill School at Clear Creek History Park (900 11th Street), the Brickyard House on the far north side (1225 Catamount Drive), the photo and artifact collections of early Western movie star Pete Morrison and historian Richard Ronzio, and much more. GLA has helped create the 12th Street, 8th & 9th Street and East Street Historic Districts, and has hosted community events and celebrations including the Living Landmarks Dinner and the Holiday House Tour.

Today the mission of GLA includes encouraging preservation of Golden’s historic and man-made and natural landmarks, educating people on Golden’s rich and colorful past, studying and documenting Golden’s history and traditions, and taking care of its collections of artifacts, photographs and textiles. Highlights of the history of Golden Landmarks, activities GLA has spearheaded or been a part of:

1971 – Golden Landmarks Association initially formed

1972 – Golden Landmarks officially incorporated

– Astor House saved by vote of the people- Astor House Museum and collection began

1973 – Astor House designated on National Historic Register

1975 – Guy Hill School saved and moved into Golden

1976 – Colorado Territory Park established at Astor House location

1981 – Annual Golden Holiday House Tour began

1983 – 12th Street Historic District designated on National Historic Register

– Golden Preservation Ordinance enacted 1986 – Pete Morrison Collection acquired

1991 – Astor House added to 12th Street Historic District

1994 – Pearce Ranch cabins saved and moved into Golden

– Clear Creek History Park established

– Magic Mountain Site archaeological dig

1995 – Burgess House saved and designated

– Guy Hill School designated and moved to Clear Creek History Park

– Richard A. Ronzio Collection acquired

1997 – Astor House restoration completed

– Efforts help save the Goosetown Tavern

– Pullman House logs acquired and returned to Golden

– Goldenfest taken over by Golden Landmarks

1999 – Goldenlandmarks.com website debut

2002 – Living Landmarks Dinner began

– Oral History Project commenced

– 8th & 9th Street Historic District designated

2003 – Table Mountain Tales awards began

2004 – East Street Historic District designated

2006 – Golden Chateau designated

– Brickyard House saved and designated

2009 – Brickyard House structural stabilization and exterior restoration completed

2011 – GLA given Norm & Ethel Meyer Award for historic preservation by Jefferson County

2020 – Astor House designated Landmark Property by City

If you’d like to be part of or contribute to what Golden Landmarks is all about, call 303-279-1236, visit GLA’s office at 805B 14th Street (next to Higher Grounds coffee shop), or look through the GLA website at goldenlandmarks.com.