Magic Mountain

The Lost Heritage of Heritage Square
Blue Star

For many years the Victorian Storybook village known as Heritage Square has thrilled and entertained children, shoppers and entertainment goers alike.  It is also a historic landmark, one of the oldest remaining theme parks on earth, possessing an historic significance that reaches far beyond the institution its modern visitors and shopkeepers have known.  For most, even its owners and longest tenants, its colorful origin has remained a great mystery:  Magic Mountain.


Historic D&RGW Locomotive #420 running on the Magic Mountain Railroad, 1959

Lying within this virtual exhibit are the dreams of what Magic Mountain was hoped to be, and what it became.  These illustrations and facts come from the Magic Mountain Collection of Richard Gardner, Historian of the Golden Landmarks Association. Join us on this virtual tour, as we take you through the dreams behind the reality of Heritage Square!


Genesis & Exodus

Attractions Meant To Be 

Attractions That Never Were

The Rest Of The Story

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