Jefferson’s Homes

Jefferson’s Homes:  140 Years of Jefferson County Courthouses

by Richard Gardner – Gardner History & Preservation

One of Colorado’s first counties, Jefferson, began humbly.  It was a government unrecognized by many of its people, one of modest means, dwelling on the charity of those who dared to believe in it.  Today, this government dwells within a place called the Taj Mahal, and its leaders are elected by more people than any other such government within Colorado.  It is a story of rags to riches, from no respect to height of prosperity, crafted from the hands of its people.

These are the homes of Jeffco’s government, all nine places where its leaders have met and its judges have sat.  Since the first rented hall in 1860 Jeffco’s government has met in places made of logs, boards, brick, stone, iron, conrete and steel.  They tell the story of the history of the government over our home.

1860~1868  Loveland Building

1862-1863  Wall Building

1868-1871  Loveland Block

1871-1876  Court House Block

1876-1877  Odd Fellows Hall

1877-1953  The 1st Courthouse

1953-1965  The 2nd Courthouse

1965-1993  Hall of Justice

1993-Today  Taj Mahal

Courthouses That Never Were