Golden Brick

Bricks were made in the Golden, Colorado area starting in 1866, when Dr. Henry Bell began the Golden City Brick Works where the Colorado School of Mines soccer field is today. In a century-long legacy, several Golden brickmakers made the material which built countless landmarks — from homes to smelters and churchesto the experimental glazed bricks in Union Station and the stiff mud brick of the stately Highlands Masonic Temple. Here’s a sampling of products (and an “oops!”) made by the works to which the Brickyard House belonged:

Golden City Brick Works


Golden City Brick Works   Golden Inwall


Bricks made in Golden Colorado




Multi-colored bricks - Golden, Colorado

Golden City Brick WorksRemaining fancy brick of a lost shape


Decorative brick made in Golden Colorado


Brick from Golden Colorado


Golden Heart imprinted brick - Golden Colorado


Brick with Golden imprint

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